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Prometheus, the Creator of Mankind


Prometheus was the creator and fire bearer of mankind.

Family of Prometheus

Prometheus was the son of the titan Iapetus, the God of Mortality and Clymene. He was the father of Deucalion.

Prometheus and the Creation of Man

Prometheus received the order from the Gods to populate the Earth and to endow mankind with powers and gifts. So he created man out of the elements of earth and water. Then he stole wisdom from Athena and fire from Hephaestus to give them both to human race for its use.

The Fate of Prometheus

Zeus, the King of the Gods doomed Prometheus for his disrespect towards the gods and, unlike his brother Atlas who was cast to the West, Prometheus was sent east to the Caucasus Mountains. There he was chained fiercely to a rock, having an eagle tearing with its talons at his liver every day. In the end, Prometheus was rescued by Heracles who shot the eagle and brought Prometheus back to Mount Olympus.

Meaning of the name

The name "Prometheus" means "prudent, foresighted" in Ancient Greek.