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Gaea, Mother Earth in Greek Mythology


Gaea was Mother Earth, the mother of the titans and the everlasting foundation of the Olympian Gods.

Goddess Gaea, the Mother Earth

Goddess Gaea (also known as Ge) was Mother Earth in ancient Greece. Gaea had come out of Chaos,a dark, silent, formless and infinite oddity with no trace of life. She was the eldest of all beings and the invulnerable, eternal goddess who was bringing rich blessings to both the Upper- and the Underworld.

Children of Gaea

Without the intervention of man, Gaea gave birth to the Mountains and the boundless Seas (the Pontus). Next, out of Gaea came Uranus, the Heaven, who would later on become Gaea's mate, covering her with his starry coat on all sides. The couple created twelve Titans, three Cyclopes and three "Hecatoncheires", strong creatures with hundred hands.

Worshiping of Gaea

Gaea was particularly praised and worshiped by mankind and sacred oaths were made in her name, as she also possessed the precious gift of prophecy.