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Tiresias, the blind seer from Thebes

Tiresias, the Blind Seer with the Sixth Sense

Tiresias was a blind seer from Thebes, Greece. He was famous for his extraordinary prophetic powers, his talent to interpret the language of the birds and his longevity: according to the legend, Tiresias lived for six to nine generations, earning respect from his contemporaries.

The Family of Tiresias

Tiresias was the son of Everes, a shepherd, and the Nymph Chariclo, a close friend of goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Tiresias was a descendant of the Spartoi, who were created by the teeth of a dragon.

The Blindness of Tiresias

Many conflicting stories are told about the reason of Tiresias' blindness.
According to one myth, Tiresias was blinded by the gods, because he spread among the human race what the gods wanted to keep concealed.
According to another myth, Tiresias was blinded by goddess Athena because he happened to see her naked.

According to another version by Hesiod, Tiresias was blinded by Hera because he told her that women would have more pleasure in love than men.

The Prophecies of Tiresias

Some of the prophecies of Tiresias include:

  • that Heracles would make a lot of heroic deeds one day
  • that, on his way home, Odysseus would go through many adventures, but would manage to return to his homeland Ithaca one day and die of old age, away from the sea.




Myths about Tiresias