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Theseus and the Amazons

Theseus accompanied the Greek hero Heracles on his labor against the Amazons. But while in the land of the Amazons, Theseus fell in love with their queen Antiope, a daughter of the war-god Ares, and abducted her.

Back in Athens, Theseus married Antiope in a fairytale wedding. A while later, the couple gave birth to a son and named him Hippolytos.

Furiously, the Amazons marched against the city of Athens to avenge Theseus. Soon, they settled at the gates of the city and imprisoned the Athenians inside the Acropolis area.

Many battles were held but the Amazons were not able neither to take back their queen, nor to conquer Athens. Many of the Amazons lost their lives and were buried in the surrounding areas. Others were injured severely and had to be sent by their queen to the nearby city of Chalcis to recover.

Until one day there came the decisive battle, which took place on the Hill of the Muses.

During this battle, Antiope, who was deeply in love with her husband, betrayed the Amazons and fought on the side of the Athenians. But a terrible death awaited her. A fellow Amazon shot an arrow in Antiope's chest and Antiope fell at the feet of Theseus. Heartbroken, the Amazons buried Antiope along with the Athenians.

After four months, the battle finally came to an end and the Amazons returned to their distant homeland to mourn their dead queen.

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