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Orion, the greatest hunter of all times


According to Greek mythology, Orion was the greatest hunter of all times.Poseidon granted him the power to walk across the sea without drowning.

Life and Family of Orion

Orion was born from the earth (or from Poseidon, the god of the Seas and the Queen of the Amazons Euryale, who was daughter of King Minos of Crete). Orion's first wife was Side, a vain young girl who was sent to Hades by Hera because she thought she could rival the goddess in beauty. Orion also was a lover of Eos, the goddess of the dawn and even had a relationship with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt .However, Apollo, the brother of Artemis, did not approve of this relationship.

Appearance of Orion

Orion was very strong and handsome and had a body of gigantic proportions. He usually carried an unbreakable bronze club which helped him slay animals.

Personality of Orion

Orion was very vain and boasted that he could beat any animal on earth.

The Death of Orion

Orion was killed by Artemis on the island of Delos because he challenged Artemis to a contest in throwing. According to another myth, Orion's death was caused by the bite of a scorpion.




Myths about Orion