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Heracles and Pluto

A fable by Aesop

Heracles with the bow, from the right side of the eastern pediment of the Parthenon at the Acropolis There once came a day when Heracles, the strongest hero of Greece, became admitted to the ranks of the gods and was honored to seat himself at a banquet next to Zeus, the king of the gods. All gods came to greet him, and he responded amiably to every single one of them-but he made one exception, and that was Pluto, the god of wealth. Instead of greeting Pluto, the hero lowered his eyes and turned away from him.

Zeus was taken by surprise and wanted to know the reason. After all, Heracles had been so friendly with all the other gods, why did he choose to avoid Pluto so obviously?

"Zeus", replied Heracles, "I will explain to you why I despise Pluto... it's because, when we were together on earth, I always found him in the company of wicked men!"

This fable shows us that men who are rich of tangible, material things are not always rich at heart.

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