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Glaucos, the King of Corinth


Glaucos was a king of Ephyra, the later Corinth, and famous for his passion for horses. Glaucos passionately loved horses and often participated in horse races. In order to make his horses stronger, Glaucos fed them with the flesh of other animals, and oftentimes with human flesh as well.

Family of Glaucos

Glaucos was the son of Sisyphus and Merope, a daughter of the titan Atlas. Merope was the only daughter of Atlas to marry a mortal man. Glaucos was the father of Bellerophon, the master of the winged Pegasus.

The Death of Glaucos

Glaucos became mostly known because of his death. One day, while he was participating in a chariot race, his own mares threw him from the chariot and devoured him. According to another myth, it was because Aphrodite, the goddess of love, punished Glaucos because he didn't allow the female horses to mate with male horses in order to become faster.
According to another legend, the mares either drank water from a sacred source or ate a magical herb because they were hungry.