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Atalanta, the swift-footed huntress


Atalanta, the Huntress

Atalanta was a famous hunter and runner of Arcadia, in Peloponnese, and the only woman who sailed with Jason the Argonauts.

Atalanta's Early Childhood

When Atalanta was born, her father, who desired male children, abandoned her on Mt Parthenion, in the Peloponnese, near the entrance of a cave to be devoured by the beasts. Artemis, however, the goddess of the hunt, felt pity for the little girl and sent a she-bear to the child to suckle, until one day she was discovered by a group of hunters who brought her among themselves. Close to the them, Atalanta learned all the secrets of hunting.

Atalanta's Life

When Atalanta reached adulthood, she still preserved her virginity and was afraid of marriage. so she spend her days hunting in the wilderness. One time, the frightful Centaurs Rhoicos and Hylaios tried to rape her, but Atalanta shot them down with her arrows and killed them.




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