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Agamemnon, the King of Mycenae

Agamemnon ,the king of Mycenae

Agamemnon was the king of Mycenae, the most famous state of the time. He was also a leader of the Greek forces at Troy.

Family of Agamemnon

Agamemnon was the son of Atreus, king of Mycenae who was later dethroned and murdered by his brother, Aegisthus. Agamemnon's wife was Clytemnestra and the couple had four children: Iphigenia, Electra, Chrysothemis and Orestes. His brother was Menelaos, the king of Sparta and husband of the beautiful Helen. According to the legend, Helen was the reason for the Trojan War.

Meaning of Name

The name Agamemnon means in Greek "the firm perseverer", derived from the ancient Greek words agan: "much" and mimno: "persevere".

Agamemnon is most notably mentioned in Aeschylus' play "Agamemnon" and in Homer's epic "Iliad".

Location of Agamemnon's Citadel

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