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Last Update: 01 May 2021

The Death of Achilles

From the moment Achilles was born, an early death had been prophesied for him.

The Death of Achilles. Detail of a painting by Peter Paul Rubens The death of Achilles came during the Trojan War and was caused by an arrow from the Trojan hero, Paris. Paris, aided by the Greek god Apollo, threw a poisoned arrow and aimed it right at Achilles' heel; the only place Achilles was vulnerable...

Immediately after Achilles fell dead, a tremendous battle began over his body. In the end, Odysseus managed to hold back the Trojans and Ajax brought the body back to the Greek camp.

In the Greek camp, Thetis emerged from her sea world with the Nereids, and together with the Achaeans they mourned their hero for seventeen days and seventeen nights. Then Achilles' body was burned on a funeral pyre and his ashes were buried in a tumulus at Leuces (Alba).

A monument was erected in memory of Achilles and funeral games were held in his honor.

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