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Page last updated on: April 6th, 2021

Hera and the Peacock

Author: Ovid

The peacock was Hera's sacred animal.
The peacock , Hera's sacred animal According to legend, Zeus, king of the gods, once fell in love with Io, a priestess of Hera. Jealous, his wife Hera demanded that Zeus bring her the young girl - and when he brought her, Hera immediately transformed Io into a cow. Hera then gave the transformed girl to her servant Argos, an all-seeing monster who had a hundred eyes all over his body. Argos' job would be to guard Io.

Zeus took pity on Io and wanted to help her. Therefore, he summoned his messenger Hermes and ordered him to kill Argos. Hermes approached the monster and began to play the flute to hypnotize it. Soon the monster fell into a deep sleep and Hermes took a stone and destroyed it.

However, Hera knew of the plan and had already removed the eyes from Argos the day before. Thus, after Argos' death, Hera transferred all of his eyes to the tail of a peacock to thank and honor her faithful servant.

Greek Gods» Hera» Myths about Hera
Myths about Hera

Hera and the Peacock

A myth by Ovid

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