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Page last updated on: April 6th, 2021

Hera's Beauty Rituals

Abstract from Homer's Iliad, Book XIV (170-186)

"First, Hera cleaned any dirt from her desirable body with ambrosia*
and then she suffused her body with plenty of oil
an immortal oil, pleasant, full of scent.

If you dangled this oil above the palace of Zeus
the one with the bronze thresholds,
the smell of it would reach the earth and the heaven.

Then, Hera combed her hair with her hands
and wove bright braids with it.
Beautiful, immortal braids, descending from Hera's immortal head...

Hera then dressed herself with an immortal dress.
Athena had woven and polished this dress for her
embellishing it with a lot of embroidery.
Hera attached the dress to her chest with gold pins
and with a belt with hundred tassels.

Hera put beautiful earrings in her pierced ears,
with three gems that were joined like gooseberries
and their grace was glistening greatly.

Above, the wonderful goddess was covered
with a beautiful, soft scarf, white like the sun.
And beneath her shiny legs she wore beautiful sandals..."

*ambrosia was the food of the gods

interesting facts about heraA noteworthy point: it seems that the Ancient Greeks believed that even their gods got dirty from time to time...

Greek Gods» Hera» Myths about Hera
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