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Greek Mythology Games- The Muses Quiz

Are you a mythology expert? Put your knowledge of Greek mythology to the test with this free online educational game about the Muses, the Greek goddesses of Arts & Sciences!

Download the printable here (Word Search)

The Muses Quiz

Find the Muses and match them with their attributes!

Download the printable here (Word Search)

The greek mythology escape game

Greek Mythology Escape Game

Discover hidden clues and solve a series of riddles in order to escape!
The Olympian Gods Hangman

The Olympian Gods Hangman

Try to complete the name of the god by picking the correct letters.

The Zeus Quiz

Words are hidden in a letter grid. Find them as fast as you can and then match them with their definitions on the right.
Greek Mythology Games - The Poseidon Quiz

The Poseidon Quiz

Items fly by at speed. See how many you can get right before the time runs out.

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