Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Proteus, the Sea god from Egypt

Proteus was a respected marine deity, probably from Egypt. He was a son of Poseidon, the Olympian god of the Sea, and acted also as his servant.

The Skills of Proteus

Proteus knew every single sea in detail and could transform to any animal or dragon he wanted.

Lifestyle of Proteus

Proteus lived in the depths of the ocean . He loved to sleep in the shade of the rocks beneath the beach and next to his beloved sea animals. His favorite animals were the seals.

Proteus and the Gift of Prophecy

Once, Poseidon, asked from his son Proteus to guard the sea animals. To return the favor, Poseidon blessed Proteus with the gift of prophecy. However, Proteus almost never revealed the truth about the future to anybody unless someone was able to capture him, ideally during his sleep.

Appearance of Proteus

According to the Greek writer Homer, Proteus was an old man with a bandit hat.