Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Hebe, the Goddess of Youth

Birth and Family of Hebe

Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. However, according to a myth of that time, Hera had been impregnated solely by wild lettuce, while having dinner with the Greek god Apollo.

Hebe was the sister of Ares and Hephaestus and Eilythia, the goddess of childbirth.

Hebe and Heracles

Hebe was the wife of the semi-god Heracles. Hebe married < Heracles just after he had obtained immortality, and the couple gave birth to two sons, Alexiaris and Anicetus. Through Hebe, Heracles also gained eternal youth, much to the dislike of Hebe's mother, Hera, who was fighting against Heracles constantly.

The Role of Hebe

Hebe residence was on Mount Olympus. Usually, she was preparing the chariot of her mother Hera, or taking care of her brother Ares, by dressing him with magnificent clothes, preparing his bath and washing his clothes.
Mainly, however, Hebe acted as a servant to the Olympian Gods, pouring sweet nectar into their glasses, until Ganymede, the lover of Zeus, was brought to Mount Olympus and replaced the goddess.

Appearance of Hebe

Hebe was a youthful woman, usually wearing a golden wreath.



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