Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Cabeiri, the Great Pygmies of Fire

Family of the Cabeiri

The Cabeiri were children of Hephaestus, the god of fire and Cabeiris, a granddaughter of the sun god Apollo. There were male and female Cabeiri in Greek Mythology.

Responsibilities of the Cabeiri

The Cabeiri were evil demons of fire who shaked the earth and expelled fire from the depths of the earth and the sea. The Cabeiri were the protectors of sailors,the solvers of calamities and the demons who punished perjury and profanity. Earthquakes and fires were attributed to them.

Appearance of the Cabeiri

The Greek island of Lemnos honored the Cabeiri as gods and portrayed them like pygmies who had a pronounced belly and crooked legs. Modern scholars believe that the name Cabeiri comes from the Semitic "kavir", which means "great".

Cabeiri means "the Great" in ancient Greek.