Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Samos, the Birthplace of Hera

The Greek island of Samos is considered the birthplace of the Olympian goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. According to the legend, Hera was born on the stream of Imvrasos, in the south of the island.

Samos was also the home of the great mathematician Pythagoras.

Heraion, the Temple of Hera

The Heraion, the temple of Hera The Temple of Hera, the Heraion, is one of the largest and most important temples of Ancient Greece. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992.

The Tunnel of Eupalinos, a great engineering achievement

The Tunnel of Eupalinos, one of the most important engineering achievements of antiquity The Tunnel of Eupalinos is one of the most important engineering achievements of antiquity.

The Tunnel of Eupalinos, named after its creator, is a 1036 m long tunnel near the district of Pythagorion, on the island of Samos. Built in the 6th century BC to serve as an aqueduct, the Eupalinian Tunnel was opened simultaneously from both sides of the mountain: The two tunnels met around the middle with remarkable accuracy, which was a significant achievement for the technological standards of the time.

The construction of the tunnel lasted ten years.


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