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LIhadonisia, a hidden treasure of Greece

Lichadonisia is a complex of small, lush green islands on the north west of Euboea, with a landscape that looks like a painting. They were formed after volcanic activity and much of the islands were sunk by an earthquake of 426 BC.

Lihadonisia in Greek Mythology

The islands are associated with Greek mythology and were named after the slave of Heracles called Lihas.
According to the legend, Deianeira, Heracles' wife, thought to be cheated, so she sent Lihas to Heracles with a poisoned robe. As Heracles wore the robe he began to suffer from pain, so he grabbed the servant and threw him to the sea.
The body parts of the servant were scattered everywhere, but Poseidon (the god of the sea), picked them up and transformed them into small islands, now known as Lihadonisia.


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