Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Brauron, the Ancient City of Attica

Brauron (Vravrona) is an ancient sanctuary site of Greece located at the Aegean coast, approx. 35 km away from Athens. Vravrona was one of the 12 ancient cities of Attica.

Brauron , the Sacred Place of Artemis

Brauron particularly worshipped Greek goddess Artemis as the goddess of vegetation and hunting and also the protector of childbirth. Her temple is the main attraction of Vravrona and has been partly excavated in 1948. It is now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Vravrona. Another attraction of Vravrona is the temple of Iphigeneia, the priestess of Artemis who died and was buried there

The Brauronia Festival

Brauron was also popular because of a festival of "Brauronia" in honour of Artemis. The Brauronia festival was held every four years and traditionally, young Attic girls at the age of 10 were dressed as bears and dedicated objects and games to the goddess Artemis. The goddess guided the girls passing from childhood to adolescence and prepared them for their main role in society.


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