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Ares's representation Ares was the Olympian god of war and defense and the figure behind all kind of violence

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Family of Ares

Parents: Ares was a son of Zeus, the King of the Gods, and Hera, the goddess of marriage.
Siblings: Eilithyia, the goddess of childbirth, Hebe, the goddess of youth and Hephaestus, the Olympian god of Metallurgy.
Relationships: Ares' secret mistress was Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty.
Children: Among Ares' children with Aphrodite were Himeros (desire), Pothos (desire), Phobos (fear), Deimos (terror), Armonia (harmony), Eros (love) and Anteros (mutual love). Ares also had one daughter with Aglaulus called Alcippe, who was raped by Allirothios, a son of Poseidon.

Personality of Ares

Just like his mother Hera, Ares had a very difficult character to deal with and was therefore rather unpopular among the other deities and mankind. For this reason, no Greek city wanted to have him as its patron. He often had conflicts and fights with his half-sisters Artemis and Athena, especially during the Trojan War.

Ares' Way of Life

Ares had his residence up on Mount Olympus and his throne was upholstered with human skin. Usually he was accompanied by Eris, the goddess of discord.

Appearance of Ares

Ares was a simple warrior with swift feet. Usually he was riding a chariot, wearing a helmet on his head. In his hands he was holding a shield, a sword or a spear.

Symbols of Ares

The symbol of Ares was the spear and his sacred animal was the dog.

The Roman name of Ares is "Mars"

Myths and Fables about Ares

The Dragon of Ares and the Foundation of Thebes
The Dragon of Ares and the Foundation of Thebes

Places of Worship related to Ares

Places of worship of Ares-Thrace, the homeland of Ares
Thrace, the homeland of Ares
Places of worship of Ares-Boeotia

Titles of Ares

Enualios ("resembling war") , Stratios ("martial") , Thouros ("impulsive")