Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Horae, the Goddesses of the Seasons

Role of the Horae

The Horae personified the seasons, maintaining the rhythm of the cycle of vegetation. They also were ordered by Zeus to guard Mount Olympus, the Olympian Gods' home, opening and closing its gates with big, heavy clouds.
The Horae were mostly associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. They were the ones who had found and welcomed her in the island of Cyprus, adorned her and then followed her ever since.

Family of the Horae

The Horae, literally translated as the "hours", were the daughters of Zeus, the King of the Gods and Themis, the Titaness of Justice. The Horae were sisters of the Fates.

The three Horae

Opinions vary on the number and the names of the Horae. However, according to the Ancient Greeks from Athens, there were three Horae in Greek mythology. One was Thallo, also called Thallate, who was the goddess of spring, buds and blooms. The second one was called Karpo who personified the maturing of the summer. The third one had the name Auxo and was the personification of autumn. They all were living at the river Heridanus, which was located in the center of Athens.

Graceful and virgin young maidens with beautiful, fair hair, holding a plant or a flower in their hands.

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